Let's banish the bland

Owner Poppy Collier holding up a banish the bland sign

About me

I'm Poppy, an upcycle artist and founder of Ivy Burton Interiors. In my studio, bland is not an option.

In a world full of fast fashion and mass-produced home decor, I've set out to diminish the dull and flip the finger to beige - with every upcycle I create.

Whether it's a statement piece of art, revamped home decor or fun print, each piece is handcrafted and completely unique.

So you can create a space that gets people saying, "OMG, where did you get that?"

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Who is Ivy Burton

Ivy Burton was born in 1896 in the city of Hull. A well-dressed woman with incomparable style, she was not the sort to go unnoticed when she walked down the street. And as a landlady of the Grapes Inn, a local pub, she knew how to command a room.  

She knew how to carry herself and was not afraid to be bold, extravagant and make a statement. In fact, she was one of the first people to give the blue rinse a try.   

At Ivy Burton Interiors I want to inject a little bit of Ivy Burton’s attention-grabbing and outgoing personality into everything I create.

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