Here are some answers to some commonly asked question about upcycling. But if you can't find an answer that's right for you just drop me a message.

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What is upcycling

Upcycling is the art of transforming unwanted items or materials into desirable and functioning products.

It can be as simple as taking an old piece of clothing or furniture and giving it some TLC, but it can also mean turning waste items or materials into something completely different.

Why buy upcycled homeware?

Upcycling is a way of creating truly unique pieces that are kinder to the environment. Benefits also include: 

  • You get homeware and furniture that is truly unique.
  • It reduces landfill waste 
  • Supports small business like this one.
  •  It diminishes the need for raw materials so reduces CO2.

Why are upcycled items more expensive?

There are a few reasons upcycled goods are a little more expensive than mass produced ones. 

  • There's a lot of value in exclusivity and every piece of upcycled furniture, homeware and wall art is guaranteed to be one of a kind. 
  • Some items are in need of deep repair, so there is a lot of time and labour that goes into assessing and repairing each piece before the redesigning stage.  
  • Every upcycled piece requires skill and imagination to transform them into something new. 

Can I order two of the same items?

The nature of upcycling furniture and homeware means no two items will ever be the same. We may produce similar items, with the same hand painted patterns/prints, but everything is one of a kind. On the up side, you will be the only person that owns it.

Buying one of our limited edition prints is probably the closest you will get to buying two of the same.

Do you deliver outside the UK

Yes and no...

We are able to ship our range of prints and greeting cards overseas.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send the original art and home decor items internationally. They're one of a kind and the risk of loss and damage is too great.